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I've always been a huge fan of string art, and I love how it's making a come back. This one is different than my usual, it's inverted! Instead of filling the letters with string, a border is added & all BUT the letters are filled with string. You can do one color or as many as you like.
This is a listing for a 6 letter name, but can be customized to more or less letters following this pricing schedule:
$10 Base, includes wood, nails & string
$15 per letter.
Your choice of string colors (See photo)
Your choice of color/stain. (See photo)
If either chart is hard to read, message me and I'll email you the full file.
This would make a great accent in any room, for a modern twist on the traditional string art craft. This is a custom order, and needs about 2 weeks to complete. Makes a great gift. Add this to your room today.
Every piece is completely made by hand, and available in a wide variety of fonts and colors. Message me to get your custom order started!
This font is "Market"
Dimensions 7.5" x roughly 30" wide, it depends on the letters chosen. For example, a "W" is wider than an "I"
Lightweight and solid wood.
Thanks for shopping 9 Red!
Blog: http://NineRed.blogspot.com

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